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Common Driving Mistakes

1.Loosing attention - 'zoning out' Loosing attention

  • Stay relaxed but totally focused.
  • Concentrate on your journey not your pending issues.

2.Driving while drowsy

  • Take breaks frequently or as required.
  • Make sure to get adequate rest before long trips.

3.Becoming distracted inside car (cell phone, radio, passengers)

  • Avoid using cell phone while driving.
  • Plan your trip and study your trip prior to commencing.

4.Failing to adjust to adverse weather conditions Adverse weather conditions

  • Slow down in rain.
  • Allow longer stopping distances.
  • Adjust for poor visibility.

5.Driving aggressively (tailgating, jumping red lights, and stop signs, etc.)

  • Allow yourself ample time to make the trip.
  • Remain calm and drive with a safety cushion.

6.Changing lanes without checking blinds spots

  • Signal, check mirrors, then use quick glance.
  • Make lane changes gradually.

Courtesy:- Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India

Developed and designed by National Informatics Centre, Jharkhand, Ranchi