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Informatory Road Signs

These signs are meant to provide information on direction, destination, roadside facilities, etc. to the road user. Following informative road signs helps a driver in saving time, reaching destination without wandering around. These signs are generally facilitators to the driver. These signs are normally blue in colour.

Destination Sign

This sign indicates the direction and distance to various destinations falling on that particular road. These signs are generally installed before intersections.

Direction Sign

Re-Assurance Sign

This sign shows that direction and distance of the destination/place written on it. This sign board helps drivers in locating the places and thus is very helpful in saving time and fuel.
This sign assures the driver that he is on right path and also tells the distance of the places written on it.

Place Identification Sign

Public Telephone

This sign identifies the area. This sign tells that the limit of the particular area has started. This sign is illustrative on national highways.
This sign indicates the availability of Telephone near road.
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